Saved from a Hopeless Life

Gem Village, Kenya


“Unity is strength.” So testifies the newly formed “Badilika” young adults’ group in Gem Village. The Badilika group has really enjoyed learning how to earn an income, and is also glad they are escaping all the idle time that contributed a lot to unwanted pregnancies and drug abuse.


One young man, Emmanuel, shares about his life. He thought of giving up due to the difficulties of being a child raised in a foster family that was poor, but caring. The family was able to give him a place to sleep and help him finish primary school, but he then dropped out of secondary education, due to lack of school fees. He says it was not a surprise for him to drop out, since everyone ahead of him had also dropped out. But after dropping out, life became unbearable, and so he engaged in drugs, using the little that he got paid from loading sand onto lorries to buy them.


But one day, on his way to the dry river bed where he normally goes to load sand with his colleagues, Emmanuel came upon one of our new GHNI village meetings. He stopped to listen, and he says that he heard every detail that concerns his life and a way out of it. So then he called others to listen. Out of that meeting, they are now an active and registered income-producing group that is benefiting from learning farming. Emmanuel is now totally reformed and out of danger of drugs.


The instructions and classes given to them by the GHNI team have become not only a source of income, but a lifesaver.


GHNI National Field Leader