Saved from a Life of Illegal Activity

Shambani Village, Kenya

Magdalena is a mother to three, but it is customary to be identified by her son’s name, so she is called “Mama Lokarach.” After her husband died, all hope had gone. She entered into the occupation of making an illicit brew in order to provide for her family.

Things were not better for Mama Lokarach. All the profit she made was used to bribe the authorities in order to persist in her business. Matters never improved but grew harder, day in and day out.

Through our outreach programs, Mama Lokarach was introduced to the ongoing capacity building group, “Shambani Widows’ Association.” So Mama Lokarach began a small business selling used clothing in her village, which she gets from town. Now she can conduct her business comfortably and without legal fear, paying bribes, or hurting others’ health.

Mama Lokarach is enjoying her transformed life to the fullest!