Saving a Baby’s Life

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Adra* is a nine-month-old daughter of a family from Homs, Syria. The family consists of a father, mother, and four children. The father was a painter back in Homs. We met this family through one of our Men of Peace.


They left because of the war in Syria. As the war worsened, the father decided to take his family and go to Jordan, but first he went on his own to make the suitable and needed arrangements to bring his family. He legally crossed the borders.

After six months, his family joined him at a camp. They then found a sponsor and were able to move out of the camp, and the family stayed in an apartment in Mafraq, which is located in North Amman. The wife became very ill while they were in the camp, and she miscarried six times. The seventh time she got pregnant with Adra.

The survival of this family was dependent mainly on the support and help provided by associations and organisations, as there were no work chances for Syrian refugees. They have been in Jordan since 2012.


One-and-a-half months after the birth of Adra, she developed cold symptoms. The parents took her to the doctor and discovered that there was a problem with her heart.

You can imagine how difficult it was for the parents to receive such news after everything they had to go through before giving birth to their daughter. The father said that life had been darkened and that it felt like a door was closed in front of him. He was so desperate that he thought of selling one of his kidneys to provide for his daughter's surgery. All that mattered was that she lived.

Those days were heavy, sad days because of their daughter's situation, as well as their financial situation and the very limited choices in front of both parents. This family faced very dark days before their daughter had the surgery.

Adra needed a heart transplant. Repairing her current heart would be risky and nearly impossible. But a new heart wasn’t an option, so we and her medical team took a risk on her because we believed that healing her heart was worth that heavy risk.

It was lengthy and scary, but the operation was miraculously successful. Her medical team is in awe of this girl and so are we. Her recovery has been smooth so far and she remains stable and healing. 


TCD Update


We distributed 62 food boxes and 62 hygiene kits this month.


Yemeni Refugees in Jordan


We had two sessions for two different groups of the Yemeni refugees. There were a total of 20 individuals on two separate days at the office, and it was about Transformational Community Development (TCD) Health Education.

We discussed the importance of taking extra care in regards to self-hygiene and proper actions when outside of the home and around people, like wearing a face mask and gloves, washing hands, and using hand sanitiser.


Each person who attended received a package of food and a hygiene packet for their families as they were going home. 


Aiesha* was one of the people who attended. We had visited Aiesha twice before prior to this meeting. Aiesha was very touched by the kindness and the respect we showed to her every time we met. Aiesha added, “You make me feel loved, respected, and dignified. You don’t just say empty words, but you show your care in practical ways, too.”


TCD Update


We distributed 62 food boxes and conducted Health Education sessions. We distributed 52 hygiene kits.


Families Adopting Families, Iraqi Refugees


Kasim* and Lina* are a married couple from Baghdad, Iraq. Kasim had a small shop for selling female products like makeup, perfumes, and lingerie, among other items.

On a normal work day, a militia group attacked him while he was in his shop and destroyed all of his products. They beat him severely. After what happened, Kasim and Lina decided to leave the area, since there wasn't anything to make them stay. They went to live with Kasim's sister-in-law for a short time until they were ready to move to Jordan. 

They flew to Jordan on August 28, 2018. Kasim and Lina came with their two sons and daughter. Their other daughter, who has her own family, also went to Lebanon.


One of their sons who is 21 years old is deaf and mute, and communicates only through sign language. Their daughter wasn't able to continue her education. She studied until the sixth grade and knows how to read only very little. She is interested in becoming a beauty, hair, and makeup artist. She took a course in hairstyling in their neighborhood.

Like many of the rest of the refugees, this family is waiting to hear an answer or receive approval from the embassy for their immigration.


TCD Update


One hundred twenty-two food boxes and hygiene kits were distributed.


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Aiesha”, “Kasim”, “Lina”, and “Adra” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.