Sayed Gets Married!

There’s no question that Transformational Community Development (TCD) offers life-changing benefits in the areas of water, food, wellness, education, and income . . . but should “matrimony” be added to the list? Sayed, an active member of the TCD agricultural committee in Garmaam Village, would likely say yes . . .


Garmaam Village, Ethiopia

“Sayed had an important reason for joining the agricultural committee. He wanted to get married. In the Ethiopian/Somali culture a man must have a house, able to furnish it, and provide for his new family before he can get married. Sayed joined with his fellow villagers because he knew that by participating he would be able to make the necessary preparation.

“So right after the Eid (Muslim Holiday) he was able to marry his new bride, Fatuma, and move into his new home. Without TCD, Sayed would still be single.”