Scarce No Longer

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In the month of October, a football tournament was organised through Transformational Community Development (TCD) in order to promote unity among the neighbouring villages. It was an initiative to bring youth together for the upliftment of society.


The village head and many local leaders funded the tournament. To ensure proper management many advisers and village heads were present. Many women were selling country liquor during the tournament, which contributed to the increased number of intoxicated people and subsequently there arose conflict. 


In order to avoid these kinds of conflicts in the future, the committee decided to ban the sale of liquor at future tournaments, as the root cause of the conflict was liquor.


In Jojotola Village of Jatapara drinking water is scarce, so a water tank was built to eliminate the problem. Now there are two water tanks and a hand pump in the village and people do not have to face water scarcity problems anymore.


The pigeon pea cultivation project is doing well and is starting to bear fruit. The peas are expected to be ready for harvest by November. People are so moved with the demonstration cultivation that they have already decided to cultivate pigeon peas next year. Thus, the motive for awakening the people by inspiring them has almost been fulfilled. We have decided to train more people in many other agricultural activities during November.



Pigeon pea is commonly known as arhar dal or split toor (tuvar) dal. It has its origins in the Eastern part of peninsular India. It is both a food crop and a cover crop. It is one of the most common dishes that is made in Indian households.


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