School Programmes Thriving

Binodpur Village, India


Greetings from Binodpur. I am glad to share this quarterly update. It is my pleasure to work with GHNI to bring Transformational Community Development (TCD) to our community. 


We are doing well. The rainy season has passed, and now everything is normal. School programmes are going well. This quarter in the school, we had an awareness programme on dengue, installed a dustbin, and made a flower garden beside the hand-pump. 


Last month, I met with an NGO and we had a fruitful discussion on the development of our community. The NGO will be providing free tuition to needy families, which is a very important step towards bringing transformation and I have no doubt that the implications of TCD lessons will give them renewed energy for this noble task. 


In Binodpur Village, youth are doing well, but there is a concern regarding their employment. Many people are leaving for the city to find a job for their livelihood. This month, one of our youth named Bapon was sharing his family's condition. He is in 8th grade and his family is not able to pay the tuition fee. To continue his studies, he opened a small stall to sell things from. I helped him as much as I could. 


TCD Update

  • Water – The school's hand-pump is not working.  We need another hand-pump for village development. 
  • Food – Villagers are doing well, but we need to arrange an awareness programme on balanced diets. 
  • Income Generation – Villagers returned the money they borrowed from GHNI to buy seed. They got profits but need some loans for the next cultivation. Many are leaving the village to get jobs.
  • Education – Fewer have dropped out and teachers are becoming more sincere, but we need to have women’s education for the housewives.
  • Wellness – Villagers are taking initiatives to keep the village clean and planting kitchen and flower gardens.


Thank you!