Seed Money Helps Expand Business

Chainpur Village, Nepal


Utkarsh* and his wife Binsa* are one of the model families of Transformational Community Development (TCD) in this village. They have two daughters and a son. They faithfully attend the TCD classes. They have applied what they learnt in their daily lives. After TCD started, this family’s lifestyle has changed. They are keeping goats, buffalo and some local chickens. Before TCD, they had 10 goats only and now they have 40 goats, two buffalo and 20 local chickens. They got seed money and expanded their business. They bought one big male goat for breeding. This year their income from selling goats was Rs. 250,000.oo. Now they have good income sources. They have registered their farm with the government.


We are still under lockdown and this is a very critical situation to carry out the activities in the field because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are worried about their lives and stay at home. It’s a terrible time to visit people in the village. Though there is danger in the situation, I did TCD activities following the safety measures of COVID-19 and my village people in the field are safe so far. Because of COVID-19, I could not do the activities as I wanted to do, but still I have tried to do my best. 


As it was the need of our village, I have focussed my teaching related to COVID-19 awareness and prevention. Before the second lock down, I had visited house-to-house or door-to-door and taught people about sanitation and cleaning of the environment around the house, garbage management, house cleaning, cleaning bedrooms, kitchen and the cleaning of sources of water. I also encouraged them to wash hands with soap and water, using masks, sanitiser, eating healthy food, drinking hot water, and staying at home. Furthermore, I have taught people to do physical exercise and if any health problem occurs then they should immediately contact their doctor. I  am glad to see all the villagers are safe from the coronavirus till today in our village.


This month, one family started a rice mill in the village. It is the first rice mill in this village. The village people are very happy because before this they had to go far away to mill their rice. Because of TCD, people are really inspired to become involved in Income Generation. Another family has started poultry farming. They finished construction of the building for the chicken farm. They are waiting for chickens after the lockdown.




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva", “Utkarsh” and “Binsa” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.