Seed Money Starts Sustainability

Katuwaghat Village*, Nepal


I visited house-to-house and talked with the villagers about how Seed Money is used in the group. I encouraged and taught them to save money and multiply their seeds to increase their income. Before starting Transformational Community Development (TCD) classes in this village, they didn't have any idea about saving some part of their income to do something for their family. But now they are experiencing the benefits of saving. Now, from one goat they have three to five of them. Some families are now saving money to buy land to build houses for themselves. Some villagers keep cows, own micro shops and vegetable farms. TCD lessons are helping the villagers become self-sustaining.


Success Story

The Katuwaghat community is in need of development regarding Income Generation, Education, and Health. Many villagers don’t have their own land and houses. They lack education as well. When we started TCD in this village, we began to see changes in their lives. Bahulya* lives in this village and after her two daughters got married, there are now three people in the family. They were troubled by financial problems. They had no money to buy a single goat. She joined the TCD group and learnt TCD lessons. Bahulya was very interested to learn and do something new. Seeing her interest, the TCD Committee provided her with Seed Money and she bought a female goat. She multiplied that investment and now has four goats. She is planning to buy a cow to produce milk to increase her family income. This family is very happy with TCD, because TCD has changed their lives.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Bahulya" is a pseudonym for the individual being helped with this project.