Seeds of Hope

Jatapara Village, India

Chandmuni is a young woman who is very happy about Transformational Community Development (TCD) in her village of Jatapara. She is now taking initiative to teach others about the importance of TCD. She is helping other village women of Jatapara to learn about nutritious food. Through her perseverance, they have decided to do a kitchen garden in the dry season, also.

I am encouraging all the families to have a kitchen garden. Last year only a few families were involved.  This year, I would encourage more families to do that. Also, I am encouraging them to have other income generation programs like raising goats, cash crops, etc.

We see more interest in education among the children. I want to see the education program getting better. We have 60 children attending regularly, and we are encouraging more children to come. We are planning to make a shade for the children, and we need a blackboard and mat.


GHNI TCD Worker, India