Seeds of Hope

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt

David, a young boy who participated in the Children’s Development Program (CDP), shares of his breakthrough:

“My name is David. I am 11 years old from the village of Shosha El Minya Governorate (south of Cairo). I suffer from extreme shyness and this is known about me at home, school, and around my neighborhood. My shyness always prevents me from participating in any dialogue. But when I participated in CDP, I learned that I can follow a little speech. I trained to use “The Silent Book” to talk about my hope with other kids. I would love to talk with others about hope, but my shyness prevented me from doing so. When time came to go out to talk to kids like me, I was terrified in the beginning. With the encouragement of the group leader, I became more positive in class and I am overcoming my shyness.”

More project results:

Ten days were held to share about Effective Studying for Teenagers and Children through a pamphlet. The number of students reached was 1,025 children and teenagers.

Home visit campaign, held in *Sal Village for children and teens, visited 34 homes. We shared “The Silent Book” and 25 families responded they were refreshed by a message of hope.

Home visit campaign held in *Shemik Village for children visited 18 homes, sharing “The Silent Book”, and 14 children took the message of hope to heart.


19 Seed Projects were done in different locations:

The Childhood Celebration with children had a great result among the people. It established more relationships with the community. Another seed project was to distribute Christmas gifts for poor children and women. Also they visited sick children in their homes. One seed project was where women visited poor families and offered them Christmas gifts, even to those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Through all the seed projects, whether they were for children, youth, or women, the message of love, giving, sharing, and serving inside the community communicated how we all can have a great effect in the community to deliver the love.

Among the fields applying Community Development Education (CDE), we have 48 trainers and 277 individuals leading smaller groups, with the total of 2,333 people attending.

As for the next few months, we plan to continue reaching  out to the community by using: 20 seed projects , 7 health screenings for women and children, 10 hope campaigns , 20 days of gatherings, 6 specialist training, and 4 teachers of teachers (TOT) training for leaders.


GHNI Project Manager, Egypt

*For purposes of security and well-being, “Sal Village” and “Shemik Village” are pseudonyms of the villages being helped by this project.