Seeds for a Seed Project Pays Off

Ramantar Village, Nepal


Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) movement is not limited to Ramatar Village, only, but wherever I go I share the TCD concept, goals and strategy. So many people from outside are also interested in TCD. This month I visited the Bote Tribe. They are very backward, similar to the Praja Tribe. When I visited, we discussed how we could make a model of this community. We found that teaching the TCD programme is the best way to bring development to their community. I have visited many times and wanted to start the TCD movement there. I requested Seed Money to start an Income Generation project. So, this month, I taught the villagers to do vegetable farming. I gave seeds to those who didn’t have any, and now they have grown vegetables in their gardens. This has helped the villagers save their money when they used to buy vegetables from the market. Now they have their own kitchen garden since TCD started and have good harvests of vegetable products.


Sister Tika* lives in Ramantar Village and has a beautiful family. Her life was very painful and hard for two years. She had no house and suffered many financial problems. She and her husband were unable to provide their children with good food, clothes, and education because of financial problems. They had no job and no income sources. She was skilled at sewing and measuring clothes, but had no sewing machine. When she and her husband became involved in our TCD programme, she was given Seed Money. She bought a sewing machine and there was no boundary to her happiness! Being inspired by the TCD programme and joining the Income Generation team, she started her work and now she and her family saw big changes in their lives. With the money she earned from her work and her husband’s hard work, they saved enough to build a beautiful house and became self-sustaining. Their financial status is now good and their children are going to school.


The main thing we have done through TCD this month is the Hand Pump Water Project. We provided one hand pump to the villagers who live in the lower part of the village where the hand pump wasn’t working. The villagers had the problem of unsafe drinking water. Now ten families have safe water for their daily needs. 


We continue to teach about safety measures for the coronavirus. We distributed masks and sanitiser and encouraged them to wear the masks and use sanitiser or wash their hands with soap and water. There is no lockdown in the village so villagers have to be careful to be safe from COVID-19. They are now practising safety measures.


Thank you!



*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Tika" is a pseudonym for the individual involved with this project.