Seeking the Hidden

Hoogly Village, India


We have started a new project group in a place called “camp.” There, most people have migrated from Bangladesh. I have shared with them the lesson about relief and development with the story of the river crossing. They are very enthusiastic to learn themselves and agreed to teach others as well. The people in the camp are living in a very congested area. Many houses have no drain to pass wastewater out. There is no drainage facility available. People are suffering from diseases. So I have decided to teach the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons with them to help develop their community.


Our computer center is also going well. The students are now learning a school course. We have students ranging from different grades from third to the university level. One such young girl, named Priyanka, is very interested in learning the computer. Her father is a carpenter and her mother is a maidservant. Priyanka has been learning in the computer center for one year and did very well in her computer class in school.



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