Selling Local

Gem Village, Kenya


It has been a long struggle for Gem Village, their dependency syndrome being similar to that of many other villages. Many depend on government relief and other organisations that are offering to give relief to help. When we introduced our programme of coaching, many things were different: it didn’t work as usual per the villagers’ expectations.


We followed our model of Transformational Community Development (TCD) so that the village would be self-sustainable and build a foundation on which people can depend on themselves. Villagers were taught how to identify business opportunities that are already there within their village. The community embraced our model and the teachings impacted their lives. These lessons will not last for just a day but will stay with them forever, changing the life of the villagers.  They were also taught how they can organise and form groups. GHNI also gave soft loans and monitored them during their daily activities. They ventured into different fields of Income Generation: some started retail shops, others started selling goats, water transportation, selling French fries by the roadside or food stuff canteens. It was wonderful, and the attitude of many was completely changed from dependency to self-reliance by this boost in their economic status.


Mama Ekunoit is one of the beneficiaries who ventured into the retail food stuff business. It was providing her enough income to take care of her family needs, but also reduced the distance Gem residents had to venture from the village for shopping. Mama Ekunoit is now taking care of her family’s needs and this has also motivated her friends, neighbours, and the village in general. They are really happy and it has motivated many to have hope. Mama Ekunoit is really grateful and happy for the financial support that was extended to her.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader