Serious about Ending Their Own Poverty

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

The months of April to June were full of hope, confidence, and expectations. Many people realized that they can better their life on their own, instead of getting external support, which they used to believe was the only way. They saw the reduction of diseases just after getting training on precautions for drinking water and food. They saw the examples of some people growing seasonal vegetables and earning a profit by selling it in the weekly market. They listened to us telling them about various techniques to get out of their pitiable situation.

I am personally very excited that they are able to catch sight of the vision that I have had for them. I want them to grow up from their poverty, diseases, lack of education, etc.

When our Transformational Community Development (TCD) team reached out to them for the first time, they suspected that we were going to plant a project here for our own gain. However, they started believing in us when we started raising awareness about various diseases, helping them with cultivation ideas, and placing a water pump for their drinking water and helping them to understand various cultivation techniques by showing videos, etc.

Our strategy for this last quarter was to work with groups who were taking our suggestion seriously and were interested in helping themselves. We worked with some of the group members like Lukhiram, Jogendar, Mahesh, and Prasad. We helped them to grow some seasonal vegetables just for income purposes and sell them in the weekly market.

Their effort was successful and they got a remarkable profit. Seeing this, other villagers also want to do the same, but one obstacle is that they need capital for seeds and fertilizers.