Serious about Ending Their Own Poverty

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

Change is not easy, and helping villagers believe that they can better their lives by doing what others have done is rather difficult. This past quarter, we continued teaching and bringing awareness to villagers about improving their ways. It seems very difficult to restore what was lost from decades of continuous ignorance and abuse by government officers and crooked business persons. Villagers suffer broken dignities. We will continue to keep trying to raise their confidence, so that they may make the decision on their own to start doing things to make their lives better.

At the beginning of the rainy season, we were able to guide villagers on how to sow the rice plant in the proper way. Fortunately, it was a good rainy season this year, and they reaped a very good crop. Usually in the rice growing season, they don’t sow other vegetables. After our encouragement to them, some of them have taken initiative and have grown some seasonal vegetables.

In teaching them about the importance of a healthy life, we encouraged them to eat fresh vegetables and a variety of foods. We also offered them ideas regarding income generation through animal husbandry and agriculture. During this training, we encouraged them toward goat farming for the purpose of gaining profit. This month, we are also going to have training on scientific cultivation. We are hiring a person from the University of Agriculture to train villagers on the correct way of cultivation, according to the environment and quality of the soil.

Having enjoyed good rain and a very good harvest, we are encouraging them to manage their crop properly and save some for the next year. By doing this, they might not need to take a loan from a money lender or elsewhere.