Serving Without Expecting Return

House of Ruth, Jordan


Computer Class 


After more than four months of being closed, the computer class has reopened this month. We're able to offer health education and safety and hygiene instructions to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread between our students. With that being said, our students had to wear masks and use hand sanitiser while attending the class.

Laith had to reduce the number of students to half the usual number and create distance between the students during the lecture to ensure their safety. All students were committed to these instructions.


As usual in the beginning of the month, students learnt the basics of computers. Next month the teacher will continue to do his best to make sure that all the students are able to use the computer properly.


General Clinic


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer people are visiting the House of Ruth Centre. We don’t have enough resources to order needed medications. During this month, Dr. Fadi was able to order some very urgent drugs.

Dr. Fadi was able to provide medication for a young girl from Madaba. She sustained a fall and has a wound in her nose, which was sutured in the hospital. The aim of the treatment is to reduce scarring.

The plan for this time is to adapt to the overall situation in the country while following strict safety health measures for the people coming to the House of Ruth Centre. 


Dental Clinic 


In the dental clinic this month, Dr. Karam has received 33 patients. Fourteen of the cases were check-ups and referrals. The rest of the cases needed only extractions and fillings. 

Omar*, a 72-year-old Jordanian man, came to our clinic asking for help in treatment because he could not afford the cost at the private clinic. We performed the review and then conducted relevant multiple procedures for him. After finishing the treatment, he was very grateful and happy and said, "You are serving me without expecting anything in return. Thank you for doing that."  


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Omar ” is a pseudonym for the individual being helped by this project.