Sewing On Up

Isiolo Empowerment Centre, Kenya


Our GHNI sponsored Empowerment Centre has become a source of help and hope to many young women who drop out of school for reasons such as poverty and early pregnancy. Young girls are often disowned by their own parents because they brought shame to their family; in some societies like Gabra, they are even killed to maintain family honour. Our centre has given hope to many who feel they can actually make it in life, as long as they have skills and know-how to support themselves.


Farhia is 21 years old. She couldn’t go to school beyond 11th grade after she lost her mum who was a single mother. When we met with her on one of our visits to her village, we encouraged Farhia to continue her studies and also learn some skills which could help her earn a living. She joined our 2019 tailoring classes. She has shown interest in becoming a fashion designer now and is also ready to support her younger brother with the skills she has acquired. Since she learnt cutting and stitching very quickly, she can now stitch various ladies clothes.


She was originally from Merti, where she lived with four family members. Unfortunately, she lost everyone but her younger brother. We have been impressed by her willingness to join our training centre and by her open-mindedness to learn new skills. Farhia learnt rida stitching after completing basic tailoring classes and has been stitching different types of women's dresses. She said, “I can’t wait to venture into the world of design and make wedding gowns for many”.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader