Sewing Benefits Women, Staff Faced Crisis

Spitak, Armenia


Our Sewing Project is succeeding, and the women started working on another endeavor--making tote bags with traditional designs. Happily, they found partners to sell the bags. The success of the project helps them to generate income for their livelihood!



It was a challenging month for us as a family as we got COVID-19. My mother (Tamara’s) was in the hospital. Thank God, she recovered, although she still faces many complications because of the virus. Then, I had a fever for several days, so we had to call the ambulance, as I could not breathe and almost fainted. I was treated at home, as there were no spare beds at the hospitals because of the pandemic. Sam and Nicky were fine; they did not have any symptoms. Hence, we spent more than half of the month in isolation and regularly got medications and treatment. We have not been able to do much this month.


We were in touch with the team in Spitak, and they made us aware of the work accomplished there.  We are now well and ready to continue serving!


We thank you, dear friends, for all your support. We love you!


Thank you!


Tamara and Sam

GHNI TCD Workers