Sewing Progress Report

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt

This month we did some maintenance work on all the sewing machines to help the seamstresses get better results.  Here are some updates on the ladies’ work so you can rejoice with us as you capture a glimpse of what is going on our side. It is exciting!

Hayat: She did well with project. She opened a small grocery shop and put the sewing machine beside the grocery shop to work on both.

Aradina:  We changed out her small machine with another bigger sewing machine. The old one caused troubles, as it was breaking down often. She is in need of the project.

Sabah: The project is working very well with this lady. A small factory asked her to work for them for a while. In one month during the summer she earned 1300 EP (about $170).

Om:  She started to work with a factory, but then she stopped when her five year old daughter became sick with cancer, and then sadly died. So, since she was no longer able to work the machine, we gave it to someone who could benefit from it.

Naglaa:  The work with her has been very little and slow. She wants to make bed sheets, but she hasn't enough money. We hope to help her find a solution.

Om Meina:  We are seeing that the project is going wonderful and is useful for her. She earned in one month 575 EP (about $75 ). She bought cloth and sews trousers for children.

Om Meina (another): She is very happy with the project. She sews bed sheets and reception covers. She has extra money now to start a big project for bed sheets.

Om Mark: Work is very slow with her because there are two tailors working in front of her home, which is discouraging for her. We are encouraging her to keep working on improving or decide if the sewing machine will be more useful for another woman.


GHNI National Field Leader, Egypt