Blog: Shambani Village

From Family Planning to Farming

Community Health Volunteers (CHV) from Shambani Village attended a training on pregnancy and family planning. GHNI partnered with other NGOs in developing and providing this meaningful training. The training took almost a week and participants were taught four key guidelines to address the top issues affecting mothers in our villages:


Making Water Accessible to All

Shambani Village, Kenya

It has been a long road for the Shambani community because they have all been fetching water from one of the main boreholes in the village. Villagers who live far away depended on water from the same borehole and it is very tiresome for them to travel a long way, especially for the older villagers. Without coming to the main borehole, these villagers would remain thirsty.

Preventing Infection Through Innovation

Shambani Village, Kenya


Shambani Village is one of the communities that was infected by germs carried by flies. During the rainy season, flies are many and they carry infectious diseases. But now, members of the Shambani community are happy because GHNI taught them how to set up dishracks alongside their houses. The dishracks hold utensils after cleaning to help them dry in the sun. The sun makes the germs inactive and because flies do not stay in dry places, the germs are kept away.  

Compassionate Care Brings Joy

Shambani Village, Kenya


The Shambani community is getting relief, day by day, as Community Health Workers (CHW) work extra hard. CHWs are working closely with GHNI which networks with other organizations in order to empower the CHWs.


Seeing with One’s Heart

Shambani Village, Kenya


Mzee has been going through some hard moments after he learned of his HIV status. He was disowned by his own family as well as his neighbors. The whole community abandoned him, and he was totally stigmatized because of his condition. Nobody wanted to associate with him and, at one point, he was bedridden and waited for death.


Healthy Homes

Equal Opportunities for All Children

Shambani Village, Kenya


In the world today, education is the basic need for both girls and boys. In some parts of the world, this is not the case and Shambani Village is one of the places where girls’ education is not valued. Maria is one of the victims of such child abuse. She dropped out of school at grade five and got married to an elderly man of 42 years because he was rich and famous in that village.


Poverty to Generosity