Blog: Shambani Village

Learning from Mistakes

Fishing Lessons

Shambani Village, Kenya


Community leader, J. Poopo, shared his thoughts and experiences since GHNI arrived to his village:


An Inspiring Changed Life!

Shambani Village, Kenya


Now a 74-year-old widow, Mama Amathe was a mother of five, three girls and two boys. Three of her children succumbed to illnesses, leaving their children in her care. Life has not been easy on her and has never treated her well since she lost her husband. Mama Amathe had no other option but to bring up her children all alone.


Overcoming Sickness and Sadness

Shambani Village, Kenya


Pauline is a 52-year-old woman living in Shambani Village. She is a mother of six, all girls. Pauline’s husband wanted her to give him a boy, but since that didn’t happen, he is going to marry another young lady.


Vital Water Source

Shambani Village, Kenya


For a long time, Shambani villagers suffered from a lack of water and had to walk a long distance to get it. This came to an end by networking with other organizations and institutions to contribute funds and come up with a lasting solution. One partner organization dug the well, and then GHNI-Kenya installed a solar panel for pumping water to the storage facility that was built by another partner.


GHNI Kenya Trip Reflection

By: Jade Sacker