Blog: Shambani Village

Not Giving Up

Shambani Village, Kenya

For many years, Shambani Village farmers had put in tireless labor, but nothing came out of it. It discouraged so many of them and the community felt wasted.

Since GHNI fights despair from every angle, we provided the community with more seedlings to plant, but the community felt like they were about to waste more time and labor. We encouraged them to engage without giving up, so they did.

Love and Care for an Orphan

Shambani Village, Kenya

“It wasn’t my choice, and neither did I have any choice to opt to. I just had to cope with my life as I met it. I have been judged, condemned, and called names for just being a victim of circumstances. Did I wish to be born HIV+? No, I did not! Did I wish to be an orphan? No, I did not! Many are the times I’ve returned from the mouth of the grave, as I fought to live. As though that were not enough, I’ve experienced rejection from relatives and the community at large, stigmatized.


Mobilizing for Transformation

Shambani Village, Kenya

It is with a great success that our village-coaching efforts have borne fruit. We’ve recently worked in conjunction with an NGO, since we had a common purpose of changing and transforming lives for the better.

Cecilia in her own handmade clothes!

Shambani Village, Kenya

Cecilia is a single mother of two. Having come from an extremely poor family, Cecilia had to drop out of school when her parents gave her hand in early marriage to get a dowry to benefit themselves. Her husband turned out to be very violent, sometimes beating her and leaving her for dead.

Saved from a Life of Illegal Activity

Shambani Village, Kenya

Magdalena is a mother to three, but it is customary to be identified by her son’s name, so she is called “Mama Lokarach.” After her husband died, all hope had gone. She entered into the occupation of making an illicit brew in order to provide for her family.

Things were not better for Mama Lokarach. All the profit she made was used to bribe the authorities in order to persist in her business. Matters never improved but grew harder, day in and day out.

Despair to Hope through Communal Farming

Shambani Village, Kenya

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high-quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

“There is a time to till the land, a time to plant, and a time to harvest. Not all moments are enjoyable moments,” says Mary, a great example of Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Shambani Village.

She continues by saying,

Freed from Commercial Sex Work

Shambani Village, Kenya

We are overjoyed by the transformation that has happened in Shambani Village. Shambani has never been as promising as it is today. Before this transformation, there was a huge school dropout rate for both girls and boys. Lack of basic necessities led to girls engaging in commercial sex work, getting pregnant, dropping out of school, and eventually getting involved deeper in that livelihood.

Making the Most of a Very Small Loan

Shambani Village, Kenya

A beneficiary of our soft loan program, Anna is one aggressive businesswoman. She has a small kiosk operating in the middle of Shambani Village and also a motorbike that is hired to ferry milk and people to town and back to the village.

Anna was so uncontrollably happy as she was narrating how her life has become so good. There is no bigger encouragement in life than being in a fruitful labour and knowing that what you are doing is not in vain.

Building Success for Herself and Others

Shambani Village, Kenya

Potential talent that is not in use is as useless as no talent at all. In Shambani Village, we found so many sleeping talents that weren’t utilized due to fear and lack of starting capital. When GHNI-Kenya took the initiative to help such people, many turned up for coaching to benefit from the soft loans we would issue. It was very important for them to learn that the money was not for any other reason but to develop self-sustainability.

From Street Orphan to Student: The Story of Boniface

Shambani Village in northern Kenya is home to a few thousand members of the Turkana tribe, Kenya’s second largest pastoral group. When GHNI staff first visited them in the summer of 2010, they were welcomed with singing and dancing, then sat down with the villagers to learn how they could be of help.