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House of Ruth, Jordan




Dr Fadi has seen about 156 patients, most of them were Jordanian from Ma’ain village, as well as a mix of Syrian and Iraqi patients. Lately, the number of patients has increased, and most of the conditions were general. Only a few patients had chronic diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus.

Thankfully, no patient had left the clinic without receiving medication and/or medical advice. Some patients have invited Dr Fadi to visit them to have lunch and Dr Fadi is considering visiting them next month.


One of the patients who came to the clinic was Abd Al Basit and he was complaining of a cough, chest pain and headache. The diagnosis was allergic bronchitis and the doctor gave him the appropriate treatment and advice. The problem is that he was a smoker. Dr Fadi was able to talk with Abd Al Basit for a while and convinced him to stop smoking by explaining the dangers of smoking tobacco and encouraging him to follow through. The plan is to follow up with his condition to see if he is improving or not.


Dental Clinic


Patients come to our centre from different age groups and nationalities, including Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian. Dr Karam sees different cases and he does everything like simple tooth extractions, surgical tooth extractions, surgical operations, restoration of the teeth by composite and amalgam fillings, scaling and teeth polishing, root canals, fillings for children and take periapical x-rays. Villagers who come to our centre have a poor economic status and are unable to treat their teeth in private clinics because it is very expensive.


One of the patients is Huda, a 10-year-old girl from Syria. She fell in school and hit her anterior teeth, fracturing the upper central incisors right and left. Her right incisor needs root canal treatment while the left one needs restoration. In a private clinic, the cost of treatment for her teeth is 350 JD, but thankfully the needed treatment is available in our dental clinic. Dr Karam repaired her teeth with root canal treatment and restoration by aesthetic filling (composite material). Huda has lived in Jordan for six years with her family. She is uncooperative and afraid of the treatment, but the doctor encouraged her to start the treatment. She needs follow up.


English Class


This month was so fun in the English class! Yoanna had to teach the children about a lot of things like words, how to make a sentence, and what those sentences mean. So far, they have reached unit three in the book they are studying. The students are enjoying it so much. In the last lesson they learnt about their bodies and what each part is called, for example (hands, nose, ears, etc.…). They loved it so much.

Yoanna also gave them a sheet of vocabulary words they need to study as they'll have a spelling test. The students were all excited and happy, they even got all full marks on their tests.


There is a student called Shukri and he is very funny and likes to play a lot, but he has been going through some difficulty pronouncing and spelling words. When he came on the first day of the English course, he was not even able to read a sentence of three or four words, but now he is able to do it because of the teacher's help and encouragement to read more in the class with everyone.

Yoanna let the children practice listening, not just because it's helpful for them in the English class but also life and in the future.


Computer Class


After we completed the basics of the computer, Laith moved to study a new subject, Microsoft Office Word, and started with the most important tools. And those students who did not have any background, they were more interested about using the computer, and trying what they learnt.

Like the previous courses, Laith is facing some problems with the students’ commitment. He started with 14 children and now he has 10 children, but those 10 students are very happy, eager and thankful for the chance of learning something new.


Sewing Class


This month we had a trainer from the US, Sharon, who worked with the ladies on some projects. The first two days, she was teaching them how to sew a tote bag using the quilt technique which is made of small square fabric pieces sewn together. The other two days, she taught the women how to sew a quilt. They were all having fun and enjoying the lessons including the children whom came with their mums and helped them.

Sharon shared a story of when people from England moved to America and how they had to sew quilts and other clothing from old cloth where they cut small squares from clothes and sewed them together.


On Valentine’s Day, since Sharon was teaching, she decided to make some cards and foam heart stickers with the ladies. They had so much fun and Sharon got to share her story and then everyone had lunch together. At the end of the day, most of the valentine cards were for Sharon since all the women wanted to share their love and thank her for the help and lessons she has given them.


Mosaic Class


In the mosaic class, the ladies will do a new sample of the GHNI logo. A new class of ladies will start on Feb 27th.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader