Sharing Their Knowledge

Sendana Village, Indonesia

Ali is one of the key farmers in the Sendana Transformational Community Development (TCD) program. For the past year or so, Ali has shown great initiative to share with other farmers in his village what he has learned about cocoa plot rehabilitation and cultivation. Recently, farmers from other villages in the area have begun to catch wind of the growing cocoa success of the farmers in Sendana. This news naturally peaks interest, as it is a well-known fact that healthy cocoa has the potential to help transform livelihoods of farmers and the futures of their children because of the income it provides.  

This month, farmers from a village nearly nine miles away paid a visit to key Sendana farmers. They were particularly interested to see the high-quality grafted cocoa seedlings that Sendana farmers are developing and planting. A couple of weeks after the visit, upon his own initiative, Ali traveled to their village to see the condition of their cocoa and their progress. He spent a day with the farmers discussing how to best rehabilitate their cocoa plots and sharing techniques from his own experience in the Sendana TCD program.

Ali and other key farmers have been an inspiration to many other farmers in their own community. Now that influence has begun to spread to other communities. This is a good sign, as the team turns its focus to program sustainability and leadership development. Over the last couple of months, the TCD team has begun to broach the topic with key farmers that the team would like to work toward transitioning out of the Sendana community in the next couple of years. The key farmers are showing signs that they understand that the responsibility ultimately falls on their shoulders if this transformative effort is to continue sustainably. Among those signs is the selfless desire of Ali and others to see their neighbors succeed.   

Susu and Indro
GHNI TCD Workers