Blog: Sheldon Village

Ready for Final Inspections

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Work on the school in Sheldon Village is near complete. The construction company that is building the school is trying to get the engineers from the Education Department in Bamyan to come for the last inspections.

The teachers, elders, and students are so happy about the school’s soon completion. These people have suffered a long time without a school building. Hopefully, the new school will be open for students in next local calendar year.

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Almost Ready to Open Its Doors

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Work on the school is inching closer to completion. All of the doors and windows have been transported to the work site and have been installed. Furthermore, most of the school furnishings (desks, chairs, and chalkboards) have been sent from Kabul, and GHNI recently provided additional funds for the remainder of the furnishings to be transported to the school.

School Well Installed

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Work on the school is nearly complete. The construction company that is building the school is working to install the pump for the school's well and also the classroom furniture that every school needs. The well is necessary so that the students can draw water to use.

Finishing Touches Added to New School

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

The school in Sheldon Village will be completed soon. We just came back from an inspection a few days ago, and fortunately I saw that many things have been done. Windows, doors, and glass have been installed, and the company brought a well machine to dig a well just in front of the school.

School Near Completion

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Anticipation continues. The people of Sheldon Village, especially their children, want their school to be inaugurated. We asked the construction crew when they expect to finish the work and it’s still in discussion. We are working toward the completion in order to keep our word to our partners. It is our hope to open this school soon for these villagers. Once the school opens, the children of Sheldon will no longer have to walk two to four hours to another school outside their village.

New School in Rural Afghanistan Rises Slowly but Surely

In Afghanistan, as pretty much everywhere else in the world, construction projects don’t always adhere to an anticipated schedule. And one very important project for Sheldon Village* is the creation of its own school.

Students Await School Completion

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

**As’ad is a fourteen-year-old boy living in Sheldon Village. Every time the construction staff arrive to work on the school, he becomes so happy, wishing that one day soon he and his friends may attend the new school together.

Usually, when we as GHNI staff visit there, **Azzam asks questions. “Why is the work of the school not finished? When will be the inauguration?”

Education Encourages Sustainable Communities

School Site, A Sight to be Proud of

*Sheldon Village, Afghanistan

Our school is a masterpiece project in Sheldon Village. We recently visited the site and saw that the doors had been installed. Tens of boys and girls wished to come to their new school, because they suffered many years walking four hours to arrived at school every day.

If the building of the school finishes this year, it will be good news for all the villagers. We are hoping the contracting company will complete the work as soon as possible.