Shy Woman Becomes Entrepreneur

Chainpur Village, Nepal


We have continued to carry out Transformational Community Development (TCD) classes, practical activities, and motivation together. This has encouraged other villagers to become involved in the TCD movement and to be a part of the community transformation. When I personally visit, I listen to their family problems, social problems, health problems and financial problems, etc. I try my best to give them solutions to their problems. This month, I taught about Wellness because many villagers were suffering from fever, colds, coughs, and jaundice.


I shared about the role of the leader to bring transformation in the community. This month, we formed a new Water Committee in our village. There was not sufficient water for every family in the community. Villagers went to the government and asked for a water project. Finally, the Nepal government accepted and has given a water project to them. Now, piping and tank construction work has been completed. The community will have sufficient water after the completion of this project. 


Success Story

Liyana* is an active entrepreneur and a Committee member. She has a husband and two children. After she joined TCD, her life has changed. She was very shy and afraid to stand before other people and speak. She is not educated nor financially strong, but TCD has been a blessing and became a turning point of her life. TCD lessons encouraged her to learn new ideas and helped her to be bold and courageous. Now, she can talk about women’s rights and gender discrimination, and she can teach other people of the community. She had an idea to start a business to raise the income source for her family. When she got Seed Money, she bought one buffalo. Now, she has two buffaloes. After keeping buffaloes, she started a micro-cosmetic shop. She is busy being self-sustaining because of TCD in this village.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva" and “Liyana” are pseudonyms for the individual involved with this project.