Simple Beginnings of Sweet Success

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This month in Dhoker Jhara Village, we taught the ladies how to earn money from different methods. We had been teaching them these methods before, but they needed time to make their decisions. We tried suggesting a fast food business to many women, but most of them replied that they wouldn’t be able to do this work. Their closed mindsets prevented them from moving ahead.


Finally, this past January, we succeeded in changing their minds. We knew they needed a leader who could lead them. We named two women as leaders, and as they grow in the role, we hope they will do well. To start, we taught them that if we maintain our income and expenditures, we can save a lot of money. We asked them what they already had in their homes, and they said they only had rice. So, we started making arsa (a sweet delicacy and fast food) made from rice and sugar. We sold it from home and made good money. Then we tried to sell it in the market, and we sold all the arsa and earned a good income.