Simple Hygiene Reduces Infection Cases

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

As we visited several homes in Bulesa Dima Village, we noticed the large number of children within the village in similar condition and situation. After we did a health screening, and hearing the stories behind each child, we realized many of them are orphans and HIV victims.

These children’s parents died, so they are living with grandmothers or close relatives. Hygiene practice for children was very low. They all had coughs and skin diseases which had turned chronic. We treated jigger infestations once. Then after a close observation of their hygiene, we taught them in their schools, and this made them more concerned about learning and practicing good health and wellness.

We took our time to teach Madam Abdia on the causes of the infections that already existed with her family. As she has cared for her children, she is a living testimony of good health practice from the lessons we taught the kids at school and the villages. Now the rate of diseases associated with HIV (pneumonia, diarrhea, flu, etc.) has reduced from 40% to 15%. Madam Abdia appreciates our good work. Before, she would be at the hospital many weeks, taking her children who were always sick. The GHNI approach to hygiene has given her great relief and hope.

As we’ve helped Bulesa Dima Village eliminate conditions that had been largely caused by poor hygiene. They have started afresh, equipped with the knowledge of hygiene and preventive measures that have been passed on to them.


GHNI National Field Leader, Kenya