Sitting Under the Sun

Gem Village, Kenya


Meet Kelvin, a 16-year-old boy who was born and brought up in Gem Village. Kelvin was born crippled and had a rough time growing up as a child. He spent most of his time indoors and hidden, because culturally it was kind of taboo and shameful to have a crippled child.


Along with a partner organization, the GHNI team conducted door-to-door sensitization and came across Kelvin. He looked so weak and his neck could hardly support his head. During a discussion with his parents, they said they had used different medicines but they were not helping. We discussed with them the importance of the sun in regard to bones and muscular tissues. All that Kelvin suffered from was a disease that could be treated with exposure to the sun. They needed to stop keeping him hidden in the house, for it could grow from bad to worse. After they started getting him outside in the sun for a month or two, today Kelvin is strong and looking much happier.


GHNI National Field Leader