Slavery Prevention Class

As lessons begin in BT Village and the community embraces the challenge of becoming self-sustainable through GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD), women gather for lessons on how to avoid getting trapped into slavery. Here’s an encouraging update from Nepal’s Slavery Prevention Trainer:

BT Village, Nepal

“Every Friday and Saturday women in the village gathers at recently built hut by the people in the village to learn TCD Lessons on slavery prevention.

“I taught about different reasons of human trafficking in different countries. I taught women about the different means used by traffickers to lure women in sex trafficking in India. How thousands of Nepali women and girls are living rest of their lives in the brothels of India because traffickers deceived them.

“I did interaction with the women and asked them what may be the probable methods used by traffickers. They came up with different methods such as they make the promise of false marriage, hope for better life with high economic income, chances of them meeting their relatives in India, etc. We explored how we could stop ourselves from the paws of human traffickers. They learned not to believe strangers instantly, not to run after the false promise of the marriage.

“I have given them lesson why people are trafficked from village area mostly, how they make victim of traffic. If someone stranger come in your village then don’t trust with him/her without knowing their identifications and don’t tell your personal problem or things. Don’t go with him/her alone in new place and without taking permission from parents or guardians. I have used TCD lessons to teach about vulnerability of human traffickers from the stories prepared by GHNI.

“Stories which I have read about the human trafficking from internet and GHNI TCD lesson have become instrumental to make women and girls in the village more empowered.”