Slavery Prevention Update

Dear friends and partners,

Charlie Lamento here, writing to you from Indonesia, where we were invited to conduct an anti-trafficking assessment of the Indonesian legal system with government officials, lawyers,

NGOs, and religious leaders representing Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddha religions who are committed to eliminating human trafficking in Indonesia. This visit was a life changing experience for me on many levels, as we experienced one of the most significant training events in recent years. These wonderful people were engaged in the training and anxious to apply what they had learned, while welcoming us with open arms and expressing their gratitude for our willingness to share our knowledge with them to prevent the trafficking of their men, women, and children, including the creation of an action plan so they can leverage their diverse culture and authority to effectively eliminate human trafficking together.

Thanks to partners like you, we are advancing GHNI’s Criminal Law Policy & Training Center’s goal of delivering help and hope to the hidden and hurting through reformation and reinforcement of underdeveloped public justice systems. Our legal team combats human trafficking through prevention, protection and prosecution. In order to maximize our efforts, we seek/develop working partnerships with government leaders, policy makers, NGOs and civil society groups who are committed to eradicating organized crime and human trafficking, including teaching them how to create an effective community-based law enforcement model to eliminate human trafficking in their local communities.


Will you take action now and partner with us?

Please partner with us in this life changing work so we can continue delivering anti-trafficking training & prevention education to rural communities that are committed to eliminating this ghastly crime. As you know, our work is 100% privately funded by partners like you. Our talented legal team is ready, willing, and able to make the sacrifices that are necessary to deliver our life-changing training to communities this year in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea; however, we need to raise $15,000 so we can continue to deliver our life changing work.


What are you willing to risk to stop human trafficking?

I know many of you who read these updates are moved by what’s happening to men, women, and children and desire to take action to eradicate human trafficking. Here is your chance to act now and partner with us. The question is, will you take action now and make sacrifices like we have to commit financially to this life-changing work, if so, we would love for you to be part of it.


We could say 'thank you' many times over and it still wouldn’t express how grateful we are for the generosity and support that you continue to provide us. Please know that your actions encourage and move us to continue this fight.


With gratitude,

Charles V. Lamento J.D.
Director, GHNI Criminal Law Policy & Training Center
GHNI's United Nations Chief Representative
Registered European Lawyer
Solicitor (England & Wales) 
Licensed Attorney at Law (United States)