Blog: Slavery Prevention

Progress in Ending Extreme Poverty

By, Bethany Marinelli

The year of 2015 will go into the books as one of great change and progress for Global Hope Network International. Our staff has worked hard, both in the field in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and in our resource offices in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

It’s difficult to truly quantify the hard work of Hidden and Hurting around the world who toiled toward a future of Hope. It is they whom we stand by in awe as they inspire us to push forward to end extreme poverty.

Mina’s Holiday Wish: A Community Safe from Slavery

By, Annakarina Rincon

“My one holiday wish is for my community to be safe from traffickers.” –Mina*, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is home to nearly 45 million impoverished people. In rural villages, families and individuals often find themselves in such harsh situations that they are driven to find and accept extreme solutions.

Celebrating United Nations Day by Restoring Nepali Women’s Rights

Today, the United Nations (UN) celebrates, for the 50th year, United Nations Day, commemorating the date of its 1945 entry onto the world stage of geopolitics with the mission of promoting international cooperation.

The foundation for elevating the lives of all women in the 21st century is laid by empowering them, which is the very soul of GHNI’s women’s initiatives.

Currently, no place more greatly underscores the extent of the empowerment challenge and the urgency to meet it than Nepal where GHNI’s Women’s Empowerment projects are meeting the issue head-on.

Celebrating Women’s Empowerment in Honor of U.N. Day

As October 24, United Nations (UN) Day 2015 approaches, Global Hope Network International is celebrating by showcasing some of our work focused on empowering women. GHNI has had consultative status with the UN since 2012.

The annual day of acknowledgement marks the anniversary of the UN’s birth in 1945 and has been celebrated since 1948.

Empowering Women through Slavery Prevention

The reality of poverty doesn’t just mean hunger, young mortality rates, and illiteracy. The reality of poverty means vulnerability to slavery.

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Slavery Prevention: Ending Poverty to End Slavery

An estimated 21 million people worldwide are currently entrapped in slavery. You may be wondering...Why start with prevention? Why not start by rescuing those already suffering? 

Making a Difference Where They Live

BT Village*, Nepal

After receiving training in slavery prevention and community health, participants immediately started working against trafficking in their community. Some of the trainees live near the Indian border and taught in the village of Ban (India) about child trafficking.  

7 Shocking Truths about Slavery in 2015 – Part 6

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