Small Interest, Big Results

Kiwanjani Village, Kenya


Kiwanjani Village is a vast area with a majority of inhabitants living below the poverty level. Due to their poverty, villagers frequently become engaged in crime and drug abuse. Children are suffering and not going to school as their parents are under the influence of alcohol and are unable to pay school fees for them. We have observed that parents lack knowledge on the need to educate their children.


GHNI reached out to most of the vulnerable in the area and brainstormed on the need for child Education and the improvement of living standards. The villagers appreciated this and are willing to undertake Transformational Community Development (TCD) training. They are mothers who are extremely poor, and some are single mothers living with HIV/AIDS.


We engaged them and introduced the VSLA (Village Saving and Loaning Association) to think of a way to contribute a small amount of money every week, which they then loan to each other with small amounts of interest. They are very happy and they appreciate GHNI for the transformational ideas which they never thought of by themselves. Mama Warembo is one of the mothers who is very happy, as she said her mindset has been transformed and she can now invest in small businesses which can generate income that will improve their living standards and help her pay school fees for her children. She was grateful to GHNI for transforming her life. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader