Smiling Students Prepare for Exams

The children are busy studying for the year-end promotion examination. Depending on the marks they receive, they could be promoted to a higher class for next year. Since the Tamil language is now a compulsory subject, the children are busy revising previous papers with the teacher, making sure that they are well equipped for the examination. The teacher told us that the children wait long hours for the tutoring classes, as all of them need to get through the examination.


On the day we visited the tutoring class, it was late, and the teacher was still there teaching the children. We asked the children if the teacher has helped them in their studies, and all with smiling faces answered, “Yes! Now we are prepared for the examination.” We asked them why they were smiling. They said that the teacher helped them by having additional classes to help them improve in their weak subjects.


In U Village, the number of children has increased, so now English and Math classes are held on two separate days. This has also helped the children concentrate on each subject at a time. The teachers told us holding classes on separate days also made teaching easier. We have run short of desks and benches.


In UV Village, the tutoring classes are now held in a new location. We spoke to the owners of the house, and they were kind to open their house to us as long as needed. This is in a good location, as this place does not get flooded during the rains. We can now have uninterrupted tutoring classes.


Next year, we want to see each and every child in the new class. We told the children not to get anxious at the examination. Read and understand the question, and then you can write down your answers. If you have time, review your written answers, and make sure to answer all questions. We wished the children all the best.


GHNI National Field Leader


*For purposes of security, “WR Village,” “U Village,” and “UV Village” are pseudonyms for the villages being helped.