Snack Business Expands

Jatapara Village, India


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


Water - Thirty area families fetch water from the hand pump because it's safe to drink.


Food - During the month of December, most of the farmers have come around to the idea of potato farming because potatoes can be kept for many days. Now the potato crop is ready to be sold. This time in class, we taught villagers new techniques on how to thresh grains easily using the pumping set and rope.


Income Generation - Ladies are still cooking fast food and selling it during the weekly market, so to increase sales, we have expanded the operation to include nicely packaging the snacks and selling them in small shops also.


Education - Students are regularly attending classes, however, the number of new student enrollments has not been increasing.


Wellness - The street light was not working for some reason, and so a man named Mantri from our TCD group decided to repair it himself. He succeeded. One street light was set up near the hand pump area so that women can go and take water in the evening just as easily as during the day.


Jatapara village has learnt many things from TCD Lessons this year. The villagers keep themselves clean and also try to keep their surroundings clean. 


Thank you!