Soap Sells

New income-generating activities are transforming the norm in this community! Not only will the families benefit from the increased income, but fences are being mended within their relationships.  GHNI Burkina Faso tells the full story…

Saneba, Burkina Faso

“In the month of February, five women were selected by the village of Saneba to go through soap-making training. The women who went through the training, including one we call Mama, represented the two ethnic groups in the village: the Mossi and the Dagara. Relations between the two groups haven't been great over the years, but this training has helped bring them closer together.

“The women spent three days learning how to make soap using locally available resources as well as how to start their own small business. They shared about how encouraged they were by the training. One of the women said, 'We never could have imagined the day that they would have the possibility to make soap and sell it.’

“The training and micro-business program is done on a loan basis. Over time the women will pay back the interest-free loan and it will be reinvested in the community to begin other initiatives and opportunities.

“Many other women in the village have already expressed an interest in going through a similar kind of training that will continue to help Saneba create income-generating opportunities. A village management committee has been set up to oversee and monitor the progress.

“Our GHNI Transformational Community Development (TCD) Worker shared about how the village chief made the 10km (6.2 mile) trek to see him and express his thanks for the sustainable help that the village is getting.”