Soap Sells Successfully in Village

Saneba Village, Burkina Faso

At the beginning of the month, our workers met with the five women who went through the soap-making project last year. The ladies shared about how they are beginning to blossom through this activity. They are enjoying making the soap and selling it within the village of Saneba. They said that this is a first, since previously any sales were done outside of Saneba Village where villagers had to travel a long way in order to sell their products. The women have it at heart to train others within the community as they see the benefit of such an activity.

The women are encouraged because they are seeing how they are helping their village. Their price is affordable for the rest of the village and it is also helping to improve the level of hygiene. They are making liquid soap as well as solid ones. They share how the liquid soap is proving to be a hit in the village, since it is a lot easier to use and its aroma is very pleasant.

The women and our workers met together to dream and plan for the coming year. Some of their goals are to build a small workshop where they can work and use it as a training center to train other women.

All in all, the women express how encouraged they are and determined to continue to see this activity succeed.


GHNI TCD Worker, Burkina Faso