Social Media Helps Serve Families During Crisis

House of Ruth, Jordan




As a result of the lockdown in Jordan, Dr. Ammar has not been able to work in the clinic and see people who have been visiting the clinic periodically.


To continue our Transformational Community Development (TCD) approach, we started to communicate with patients who used to visit the clinic (most of whom are local people of Ma'in). The doctor was able to contact up to 50 women from Ma'in, take their consent, and add them to a WhatsApp group. The doctor explained to them his readiness to talk to them and give them any needed medical consultation, as well as to try to help reach a proper diagnosis and direct any of them or their family members to the best treatment procedure/plan.

Since the start of the idea, Dr. Ammar has been able to successfully treat about 15 different cases through WhatsApp and direct phone calls. As the Assistant Regional Field Leader, I also included some health education tips about COVID-19 prevention and other health education/awareness.

Dr. Ammar also contacted a pharmacist who has a permit to drive during the quarantine and deliver medications to those in need. Thankfully we delivered necessary medicine to one man living in east Amman.


Mobile Clinic


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, this month’s report is different from all previous ones. We tried to be close to our patients and let them know that we are ready to help in any way possible, despite the difficult circumstances.

We created a social media group and added most of our patients in order to provide medical information, advice, consultations, and some medications.

The doctor's job this month was to help people through consultations by considering their medical history and advising them on how to react accordingly. In 10 of the consultations, Dr. Ammar provided patients with medications.

The doctor also worked on educating and spreading awareness about COVID-19 through a medical report talking about the virus, its ways of spread, and protection.


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “ Dr. Ammar” is a pseudonym for an individual being helped by this project.