Soft Loans, Hard Results

Kiwanjani Village, Kenya


Over this recent three-month period, a lot of things have happened, including good results discouraging the COVID-19 outbreak, plus social, economic and climatic changes. It takes patience to see true transformation which is the key to great success. By changing the approach towards every situation, we can make an individual believe in himself although it will take time to produce results. With determination and continuous coaching, one person at a time, one family at a time, one village at a time, one cluster and finally the whole country followed by the whole world through the same process, we will bring real transformation and restore hope and help to those who are hopeless and helpless.


Our method, Transformational Community Development (TCD), works through group nurturing where an individual is taught to learn with a team and later try concepts on their own. The knowledge learnt in class is later put into day-to-day family transformation.


Mama Barwaqo is the chairlady of the Dabshir Women’s Group in Kiwanajni Village. She is leading her group members in a pioneering transformation programme. This group pools their labour in farming and that strategy has become a common activity which increased the daily income for each family. Mama Barwaqo is our champion in implementing our advice. With her own small business and a boost from the group, she was able to take care of five children who are of school-going age. After she joined the group, she benefited from the small grocery shop set up by GHNI and her life changed completely: she was able to provide for her family and educate her children as well. She is now happy to share the story of her success with many other poor and desperate women who need help just like her. She is so grateful to GHNI.


The water kiosk has been of great help to many families. After three weeks of scorching sun, the semi-dry season river is full of water. The community has enough water to irrigate their farmland, but since Kiwanjani is a vast village, we are appealing for a borehole someday.


They have already harvested a little maize and beans but not at the yields expected as the rains halted; many crops were lost. Now, the villagers are caring for nursery tomatoes and onions using irrigation from the seasonal river.   


Four small micro entrepreneur groups have been registered and all are benefiting either from a bank loan, from GHNI or Sacco. Sacco is the Savings And Credit Co-Operative registered under the Ministry of Cooperatives in Kenya. Each group has between 15 and 20 members.


The village has several primary schools sponsored by the government and the pupils are performing well.


We are impressed by TCD workers who together as a team are improving the Health of Kiwanjani villagers through a programme of home visits every Thursday. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader