Soft Loans, Solid Results

Gem Village, Kenya


Transformation is the key to our success: this takes effect by changing attitudes and making individuals believe in themselves. It takes time to produce results. With determination and continuous input from a good coach, something will happen soon: one person at a time, one family at a time, one village at a time, and eventually the whole country and then the world. We will bring real transformation and restore hope and help through this process.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) programmes are the key to transformation in most of the villages we are serving. For a family in Gem Village, the monthly saving group helped create a major change in their lives. This group was meant to boost individuals with a project of their choice, with GHNI topping up their share. Mama and Baba Gotina invested their share in a special project. Baba Gotina goes to the slaughterhouse and collects waste skins and cow tails and takes them home, Mama Gotina dries them, and together they make special things like drums, skin stools, and other decorative items.


Mama and Baba Gotina are among the beneficiaries of this project. With their other small business and a boost from the group, they were able to take care of their children's needs and family upkeep. After they joined the group as a family, they benefited from the soft loan project set up by GHNI and their life changed completely. They are now happy to share the story of their success to many other families who need help just like them. 


TCD Update

  • Water - Water is a real challenge since the rain was scarce this season. A borehole well has been drilled but the solar panel to power it has not yet been installed.
  • Food - There are no farms in this area for food. Since water is also a big problem, people use the river water for domestic purposes.
  • Income Generation - Many have expanded their businesses unlike before. Others have settled their soft loans and are doing very well and that is a good transformation indicator. The Income Generation group saving is still on and many are involved in different kinds of small businesses, and so far there have been few defaulters.
  • Education - Unfortunately, school is closed due to COVID-19, halting developments in Education.
  • Wellness - The CHWs (Community Health Workers) have been well liked and recognised by the Ministry of Health for providing the community with their support and knowledge. In addition, in partnership with Tupendane clinic and the Gem Village CHVs, we are doing our best to educate the community about the effects of COVID-19 and giving counsel to those who lost their job.


Thank you!


GHNI National Field Leader