Solving a Problem Together

Vocational Training Programme, Jordan


On Feb 2nd, we held Transformational Community Development (TCD) training for a number of women from the village using a Zoom meeting due to the existence of positive COVID-19 cases. Some women had some trouble connecting online, but with the help of our IT team member, it all worked out, and the rest of the training went smoothly.

The training began with a welcome to all participants of the village centre and the Global Hope Network International team. Our participants introduced themselves, sharing a little bit about what each woman does and her role in the centre. The centre is mainly to teach women awareness lessons about COVID-19 and important topics concerning the family unit and women, etc. The centre also teaches women sewing and other handcrafts. 


After that, the GHNI team members started to introduce themselves. Rami then talked about GHNI’s goals and explained what TCD is. The TCD training started with the story of the mountain: “There's a Village.” (Rami named the village “Mughair Al Sarhan” for the sake of the training). Its people struggle because of the existence of a problem; all the people's houses were on a high mountain and, in order to go anywhere, they had to go through a way that was unpaved, unsafe, not fenced, and going downhill. Every day, a few of the villagers would fall and either suffer injury or die. Therefore, they needed a solution. 


Rami and the participants were discussed possible suggestions and solutions. The people of the village found external solutions, but they were temporary solutions. They all gathered and started to think of what they could do to prevent this problem from happening.


Rami stressed the importance of the cooperation between the people of the village who were directly affected by the problem, as well as the importance of using the available internal resources. They needed to think out of the box to solve the problem on their own without waiting for help to come from outside the village.


He also shared about Bangladesh. It's a poor country where the capital income per person does not reach $30 a month. Bangladeshi citizens suffer from poverty, and almost all of them want to immigrate to Malaysia (which is their dream country). He shared a story of two different people.


The first one was able to travel to Malaysia without asking about or knowing the requirements of living there and be prepared. When he made his way there and arrived, he was surprised! Life was very different and difficult. He suffered more than when he was in his country as he had no qualifications to work there and did not know the language.

As for the second person, before traveling, he decided to research the country he wanted to go to and know what skills were required for work. He decided to learn the language and develop his computer skills in order to travel and have the qualifications to find good work opportunities.


After hearing the story, the women shared their ideas and comments. At the end of the training they were so happy. They expressed their thankfulness for the training and the information they received. They asked to organise other training in the near future.


Also, they agreed to meet and gather to discuss the main problem/challenge they have in their community and village. They will search and look into the available resources and potential solutions. They will return to us with feedback to see how to cooperate and/or help along the way. 


Thank you,



GHNI Assistant National Field Leader