Solving the Water Problem and Social Distancing

Polewali Village, Indonesia


This quarter, we finished up our vision seminar in Polewali Village.  The seminar consisted of two Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons per week for six weeks.  At the end of the seminar, the participants appointed a TCD committee for their village. Ten people were elected, including the village leader, the village midwife, a teacher, and seven other key villagers representing three of the four sub-villages of the community. The committee has shown enthusiasm to plan activities that they can do in order to improve their community. 


After much discussion, the committee decided to commit to solving their water problem. Access to clean water is currently limited in the village. In the worst cases, families have to walk one kilometre to the river to fill their jugs with murky water.  


In order to completely resolve their water problem, they estimate that wells will need to be drilled in around 8 locations to adequately serve the 100 households in the village. The committee has engaged residents in three locations to start. They have laid out a budget and about ten households per location have begun saving and pooling funds together. When one of these clusters has gathered their target amount, the TCD team will contribute a sum, and the community will manage the drilling of the wells.  The committee hopes that after projects are finished in these three pilot locations, the remaining households will follow suit. 


In addition to the water project, the committee has been discussing longer term Income Generation initiatives. Since the TCD team is already engaging with around eight households to produce Virgin Coconut Oil, the committee began asking about ways that they can utilise either the oil produced or the byproducts.  At their requests, the training began holding training sessions for making soap out of the coconut oil sediment byproduct. The community is excited about this opportunity and have begun the brainstorming process about how to turn it into a business. 


This quarter, the novel coronavirus has become an issue. Recently, it has become inadvisable to gather in groups.  For the time being, the TCD training team has been able to continue visiting individuals and are focusing on lessons regarding the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of the virus. While visiting, they model good social distancing practices, wear masks and gloves, and practice good hand washing techniques. Plans for weekly TCD lessons have been put on hold, while the community continues to implement their water project. Time will tell when the situation can return to normal. 


TDC Update

  • Water - Socialisation and fund-pooling stage for the community members at the pilot locations for drilling wells.
  • Income Generation - Soap-making training and business strategizing to turn coconut oil byproducts into long term income generation.
  • Wellness - Lessons on the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of the novel coronavirus, as possible to individuals, while encouraging them to share with neighbours what they have learnt.


Thank you!


Saadiyah and Indro
Partner TCD Workers