Solving Water Rights Problem

Mawa, Indonesia


Excerpt from last quarter’s report: “The Transformational Community Development (TCD) training team has experienced significant barriers to facilitating meetings, due to pandemic-related restrictions by the local government.”


This quarter the team continued to visit the village, but the original committee has not yet agreed to meet. Because of this, the training team continued their personal approach with community members and obtained updates on the committee’s activities. They are still working on finishing the process of getting water piped into homes and solving issues of community members who were not originally involved in the project, but now want to join and get water.  


In March, the training team met with a few members of the village TCD committee to see if they would be interested in exploring options of purifying their water. This was in part an attempt by the training team to re-engage and find acceptable ways to get lessons to the community in an informal way. They have a follow-up meeting on this topic scheduled for next week. 


In the meantime, the team utilised their time to survey two more village clusters in Mawa. This is meant to be a “back-up plan” of sorts for TCD expansion in Mawa if for some reason it remains difficult to engage with the existing committee. These surveys are still in the exploratory stage of building relationships and understanding the communities. 


TCD Update

  • Water ― The Water Committee is in the process of organising water distribution directly into each household. The Water committee is working on solving the problem of non-participating families’ access to water, while maintaining harmony in the community.
  • Wellness ― The team wants to hold meetings on hygiene, but meetings are prohibited by the local government.

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GHNI Partner TCD Worker