Some Good News in Afghanistan

Disaster Response, Afghanistan


Today, most of the news coming out of Afghanistan is dire. However, due to your generosity and concern, as well as the brave and faithful work of our in-country staff that chose to stay, Global Hope Network International continues to offer help and hope to the people of Afghanistan.


Conditions continue to deteriorate, and people are resorting to desperate measures. Yet, our work is continuing and growing. Even though there is still no functioning international banking system, last month, we were able to send tens of thousands of dollars to feed more than 300 families and provide them with heat in the dead of winter.  


As sharia law is applied unequally across the country, turbans are becoming more and more required. When one elderly gentleman received assistance from us, he removed his turban (an undignified gesture), bowed towards our staff, and then bowed towards the Almighty to express his profound gratitude. I can’t explain how significant this is, except to say that when our staff heard this, the story brought them to tears.  


The focus of our work is to help widows, children, and the elderly. We have become aware that many families are newly poor, as their breadwinners who worked for the previous government have fled for their lives, abandoning their families with no means of support. Thank you for partnering with us to help them.


Thank you!



National Director