Something Fishy

Attir Village, Kenya


It has been an amazing transformative process for Attir Village. They have been willing to change and learn new things that are transforming their lives. Since water was drilled in through the networking of GHNI with other organisations, there has been success, not just in farming, but also in villagers’ ways of life. 


People knew of farming, but animal husbandry had benefited them most traditionally. Now, Attir is stepping into new fields that many communities never thought of: villagers have expanded into the field of rearing fish, which was brought about by seminars and guides that were made possible by GHNI and other organisations. Villagers came together and formed a group that dug a fish pond under the supervision of GHNI. After that they were given fish. They have protected the area, fish are growing, and they are hoping for a great harvest. 


One of the group members, Mr. Michael, is happy with GHNI for helping to bring change to villagers’ lives. He said that they are waiting for the harvest and this would boost their living standard and even their health. He is glad for the transformation that GHNI is empowering in the village.


Thank you,