Soup’s On!

Solar Cookers, Afghanistan

Hundreds of families are benefiting from the solar cookers in Bamyan Province. They will not get tired, like before, when some were walking long distances to find some bushes for burning.

*Dagwood is one of the people who benefits from his solar cooker. He cooks soup and sells to people in Bamyan City, so that can earn income to feed his family. Before, he had to buy woods and bushes to burn and cook soup. As the fuel price is so expensive in this city, Dagwood was not able to buy those things.

He uses his solar cooker now for cooking peas and beans in a pressure pot for his small business without any smoke. He also boils water to have a tea together with his neighbours, and he allows others to use his solar cooker when he doesn't need it.

Dagwood and other people who benefit are very grateful to the donors and GHNI that brought this useful thing to them.

Thank you,

The GHNI Afghanistan Team

*For purposes of security and well-being, “Dagwood” is a pseudonym of the person being helped by this project.