Special Vehicle Donation

Bamyan Province, Afghanistan

Bamyan University is a newly established university in the Bamyan Province with six departments, 156 teachers, and 6,600 students - both young men and women. For the entire university, they have a total of 14 trucks and one small car. In addition to this, they have one old bus that can transport only 15 teachers at a time. In the morning, it rounds up 15 teachers, drops them off at the university, and then goes and picks up another batch. The bus runs almost all morning and the entire afternoon. Some teachers are able to use local public transportation, but it is very unreliable - frequently causing them to arrive late.

GHNI owns a Toyota passenger van that has served its purpose. It is no longer fit for the off-road travelling required to reach many remote villages that we work in. However, it is just fine for driving around town and transporting faculty and staff. Since much of our work is centred in and around Bamyan, the in-country leadership suggested that we donate the van to the university. GHNI is a huge supporter of education for both males and females. After all, one of the five areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD) is education.

The university chancellor was very happy and appreciates GHNI’s van donation.

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team