Spreading the Wealth to Other Families

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


Al-Mufrdat Village


Um Abdallah has a new idea to improve the project and her income. She suggested replacing sixteen goats with twenty-six sheep, as they are better than goats in producing milk. Sheep's milk is also more expensive and that will make a good income for her when she sells the milk.


This is such a good idea. Um Abdallah is wanting to improve her life and the life of her family, and that’s why she is thinking and trying to find new ideas. That is what we want, as a change in mind will result in a change in life.


Al-Khalidiya Village


We have been working in this village with Um Ahmed for two years and now the project has come to its end with her. Um Ahmad owns eight goats from this project.


We took our sixteen goats in order to move to a new place and work with a new hosting family. The plan now is to find two families who we can help through the goat project. We will give each family eight goats to host.


Mowaqar Village


Um Salim is now waiting for a few goats to give birth.


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader