Spreading the Word about the Garden

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan

The 5th Afghan Youth Festival happened on 27 November. As the new GHNI director for the Garden of Peace and Hope, I introduced the Garden and what it offers to all participants. They all wondered how such a good and hopeful place existed, and how they had still had not heard of it. Hakim, the director of the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV), is extremely interested in visiting the Garden of Peace and Hope. Hakim has been working for peace in Afghanistan since 2003. He said that the Garden of Peace and Hope is an excellent way of bringing peace to Afghans and to give hope. He is also willing to come one day to visit the Garden of Peace and Hope, bringing with him the children who work on the street. I explained to all about GHNI’s work in Afghanistan. In addition to this, Humira Qaderi, a prominent Afghan author & poet, says she appreciates GHNI and added that she will soon visit the Garden of Peace and Hope.

GHNI Director of the Garden of Peace & Hope

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Karem” is a pseudonym for the person involved in this project.