Spring Activities

House of Esther, Armenia

January, February and March, are easy-going months in Spitak, especially at the House of Esther (HoE). The winter only allows limited activities, such as regular maintenance and keeping warm until the warmer months of spring. Our refugee residents are getting used to the local weather.  


At the end of March, the refugees started preparing the soil for the future greenhouse. They’ve planted a few seeds and indoor plants, getting ready for the coming spring. Until we secure enough funds for covering the greenhouse, we did buy a small plastic cover, and purchased a few pipes and metal bars to complete the greenhouse doors and windows.


Now that winter is over, they have also reconnected some of the plumbing and tested the lines for leaks. From the low temperatures, there were a few frozen pipes and faucets. The water is provided by the local municipality. Another local NGO helps provide them with food and winter clothing, occasionally, but they also purchase daily bread and food from local shops.


Our income generation plan will hopefully be better in place by this summer. They have limited access to information and books, so I send them YouTube videos on sustainability when internet access is available. Providing internet access would be very helpful for the progress of the HoE and their continued education.


Arme’s sister is a doctor, so we are blessed to have the hospital close by, making things much easier.


GHNI Partner Volunteer

Thank you!

Our resident refugees are ready to get back to work outside with planting and animal husbandry. Thank you for following the continued progress of the House of Esther. Your support and financial giving is greatly appreciated.